Increase potency: the best exercise at home

Training for potency at home is aimed at increasing erection, prolonging sexual intercourse, eliminating unpleasant symptoms accompanied by various diseases, and the direct cause of erectile dysfunction. All exercises must be done strictly according to the instructions.

Why do you need exercise for potency?

The first thing that is closely related to a normal erection is that during exercise the production of testosterone (the most important sex hormone) is activated. Also, thanks to exercises specially designed for potency, you can achieve the following results:

  • Blood circulation in the pelvic organs is accelerated.Due to which the cavernous body of the penis is filled with blood (physical activity forces the cardiovascular system to function normally).
  • Tension in the spinal column and muscles is eliminated.Which is often the cause of impotence.
  • The muscular system in the perineal area is strengthened.And other organs of the genitourinary system - muscles are directly involved in maintaining an erection, urinary fluid and feces (prostatitis is often accompanied by such symptoms).
  • Tissue swelling disappears.Which prevents you from having sexual intercourse completely. This is achieved due to the fact that lymph is spread throughout the body.
  • Mood improves and depression disappears.Because exercise neutralizes adrenaline and promotes the synthesis of hormones that increase happiness (serotonin, endorphin).
  • The man gained self-confidence.Because a beautiful figure is formed.
  • The coccygeal-pubic muscles become elastic and elastic.The second name is the Kegel muscle, which is responsible for the function of the reproductive system and the stability of the penis during stimulation.
  • Metabolism is restored throughout the body.What promotes weight loss.
  • Energy appears.Improves performance and endurance in bed. Fatigue is reduced, which increases sex drive.

Exercises to increase potency are recommended not only for men with erectile dysfunction, but also for the following people:

  • whose age has passed the 35-year mark (erection may be weak due to age-related changes);
  • who lead an inactive lifestyle (congestion occurs in the pelvic organs, which threatens impotence);
  • truck drivers, taxi drivers, office workers and other men whose work involves a sedentary lifestyle;
  • smokers and those who drink alcohol and drugs.

Rules for doing exercises for the genitals

The most important requirements are regular training and a strict time schedule. Without these factors there will be no results. But there are other rules you should pay attention to:

  • "pumping" the penis should start immediately after waking up, before getting out of bed - for this, a fairly erect penis (which usually happens in the morning) has to jump several times, but not jerking, but with smooth movements;
  • keep a diary of your own achievements - write down the time, date, quantity and type of training (in a few months you will be surprised by the results you managed to achieve, which will motivate you even more);
  • pay attention to the sensations during the exercise - you should not experience pain or discomfort;
  • start the class with a minimal number of approaches, but gradually increase the pace.

If in the morning the penis does not rise by itself, immediately seek the advice of a specialist, because this is a sign of a serious illness.

Exercise to increase potency quickly

This complex is designed to significantly increase potency before sexual intercourse and accelerate the onset of erection. This is achieved by accelerating blood flow to the pelvic organs. What we need to do:

  • Sumo squats.Another name is plie, it is performed at the initial stage without weight, then with weights. Stand up straight, point your toes out to the side, and keep your back straight. Lower your body slowly until your thighs are parallel to the floor.
    Hold for 2-3 seconds and stand up. The number of repetitions - from 5 times. Monitor the correct execution - the man feels tension in the groin and ligaments.
  • sumo squats for potency
  • Rama-1.Sit on a flat floor surface, turn your legs to the sides, but keep your feet together. To do this, hold your limbs with your palms. Lift the knees up and down. Practice up to 2 minutes.
  • butterflies for potential
  • Rama-2.Take a lying position, stretch the bent limbs in different directions. Bring your heels together and hold your feet from above with your hands. Inhale - close your knee joints, exhale - open them again. Do it 3 times or more.
  • butterflies lie for potential
  • Squeeze the ball.Performed sitting or standing (as convenient). Take a ball whose diameter does not exceed 20 cm, place it between your knees and start squeezing. The number of pressures is from 30 to 40 times.
squeeze the ball with your foot for potency

The same exercises are used in the complex therapy of erectile dysfunction.

Simple exercises

This category includes activities that many people are familiar with from school, as well as activities that are very easy to do. Despite its simplicity, this exercise is very effective. A complex class consists of the following elements:

  • Bicycle.In a lying position, bend your legs, imitate the action like when pedaling a bicycle. The duration of the exercise is at least 1 minute. Important - change speed.
  • bike for potential
  • Vertical scissors.Starting position (IP), as in the previous case, but hang the weight on your ankles. Lift your legs alternately up and down.
  • vertical scissors for potency
  • Horizontal scissors.While performing, lie on your back and place your hands under your tailbone, palms down. Spread your legs out to the side and close, grasping each other. The number of repetitions is from 6 to 12 times.
  • horizontal scissors for potency
  • Board.Lower yourself to the floor with your stomach down. Relax your arms from palms to elbows and feet (toes). Keep your body straight in this situation. Make sure you tense your abdominal muscles for a count of 22-25 seconds (count slowly to this number).
  • potential bar
  • High step.Take a straight stance, lift your limbs one by one as high as possible, bend them at the knees. The training duration is from 1 to 3 minutes.
  • step high for potential
  • Overturned bridge.Lie on your back, your spine should be straight, tilt your shoulders, keep your upper body along your body, and bend your legs. Lift your hips off the floor, hold for 2-4 seconds and lower to the starting position. The number of repetitions is from 18 to 20 times.
    Do not bend your lumbar spine, keep it as straight as possible, and try to pull your knees forward, tensing your groin muscles. After reaching the top point, stretch your legs in different directions.
  • upside down bridge for potential
  • Frogs are dynamic and static.Take a knee-elbow position with your knees wider than your shoulders. Pull each limb 8-10 times towards your stomach.
    frog for potentialIn the second option, lie completely on your stomach, extend your hips and maintain this position for up to 30 seconds.
  • frog lying down for potency
  • Climbers.IP – lower yourself onto your stomach, put your elbows and toes on the floor, lift your body. Bring your knees one at a time to the abdominal muscle area. Try to point your hips inward.
    In the next execution, rotate your hips in the opposite direction, that is, outward. The number of repetitions is from 12 to 20 times.
  • climber for potential
  • Walking while sitting.Squat on your back with your legs extended forward and straight, and your hands on your hips. First move one leg forward, then the other. Push with your back muscles. Take 20 steps, and do the same in the opposite direction (walk backwards).
  • walking while sitting for potency
  • Pelvic rotation.Stand tall with your feet slightly wider than your shoulders. Place your palms on your waist. Start rotating only your pelvis, but don't use your neck and shoulders, keep them still. Rotate first in one direction, then in the other direction, 25 times.
  • pelvic rotation for potency
  • Raise the pelvis.Take a lying position, extend your arms to the sides. Bend your knees slightly and place your feet on the floor. Raise/lower your pelvic area in a smooth motion up to 10 times.
  • lift the pelvis for potency
  • pelvic lunges.Stand up straight, place your palms at your sides. Make a sharp forward lunge with your pelvis and return to the starting position. The number of repetitions is from 12 to 15 times.
  • pelvic lunges for potency
  • Birch.Take a lying position, lift your legs straight vertically so that they are completely perpendicular to the surface of the floor. Place your palms on your lower back, and place your elbows on the floor. Lift your body and hold for 20-25 seconds. Repeat up to 8-10 times.
    Do not strain the cervical spine - it should be relaxed.
  • birch for potency
  • ring.Lie on your stomach, bend your knees, lift them, and at the same time grasp your ankles with your palms. Bend as far as flexibility allows. Hold the position for 25-28 seconds. Repeat up to 10-15 times.
  • potential ring
  • Udiyadna.Stand tall, feet shoulder-width apart (never wider), palms on the front of your thighs. Exhale forcefully and at the same time tilt your body slightly down and forward, slightly bending your knees. Pull your stomach in tightly, tighten the muscles of the anus. Stand up straight again. Do it up to 18-20 times.
poisonous to potency

Training for potency can be done while sitting on a chair. This is especially useful for men who engage in sedentary activities. How to perform the complex:

  1. Straighten your spine, place your feet together.
  2. Move like walking with your back forward and backward (on the surface of the chair).
  3. Exhale deeply, pulling in your diaphragm at the same time. Hold this for 25-30 seconds, rest. Repeat 4-5 times.
  4. Place your palms in front of your chest, turn your body to the left, then to the right, keeping your spine straight.
  5. Wrap your arms around the back of the chair and lift your legs horizontally to the floor. Perform movements similar to the "Scissors" exercise.
  6. While sitting, pull both knees toward your chest. At the initial stage, hold the chair with your hands.
exercise sitting on a chair for potency

Kegel exercises

The complex aims to train the coccygeal-pubic muscles, which are responsible for the state of erection - strength and duration. Kegel gynecologists have developed several exercises, but the basics are the following:

  1. Carry out urination procedures.
  2. Take a lying, sitting or standing position.
  3. Squeeze the Kegel muscles for 5 seconds, then immediately release.

Number of repetitions of 10 times. As you continue the exercise, increase the time you tense the muscle to 50 seconds.

There are other exercises:

  • Elevator.Tighten the Kegel muscles for 1 second and immediately relax. The next compression is 2 seconds, etc. , maximum - hold up to 5 seconds.
  • Raise the body.Take a lying position - on your back, bend your legs at the knee joints and grasp them with your hands. Pull your knees toward your chest, but don't lift your shoulders off the floor. Put your feet up and go back to IP.
  • Exercise for prostatitis.Lie down on your stomach and bend one leg at the knee. Start tensing and relaxing the pubococcygeus muscle up to 10 times. Repeat the manipulation with the other leg.
  • To increase erection in case of inflammation of the genitourinary system.Lie on your back, bend your knees, place your feet on the floor. Support your lower abdomen with one hand and your back with the other. At a rhythmic beat, squeeze and open the muscles up to 15 times.
  • Inverted Kegel.Done after mastering the basic technique. Tighten the muscles as if you are pushing urine out of you. Do this tension for up to 4 seconds, then relax. Repeat up to 10-15 times.
  • Anal muscles.Useful for erectile dysfunction. Simply squeeze and relax your anal muscles 10-20 times.
  • At the end of the complex.Lie on your stomach, place your hands under your shoulders, and place your feet so that your toes are on the floor. Rise up on your arms, fully straighten and bend your spine in the lumbar region.
    Tighten your pelvic muscles and do up to 5 frictions, like during intercourse. Fix for 15-20 seconds, Return to IP.

The most important thing in Kegel exercises is to determine exactly where the pubococcygeus muscle is and tense it. To do this, do the following:

  1. Go to the toilet and start urinating.
  2. Try to stop the flow of urine by making a squeezing motion. You will definitely feel the muscles once the flow of urine stops.

The same can be done with a tense penis.

More detailed information about the technique in this video:

Power moves

Strength training in a short time accelerates microcirculation in the body, forcing blood to fill the cavernous body of the genital organ. For the muscles of the genitourinary system of men with erectile dysfunction, 4 main exercises are used.

First leg emphasis:

  1. Sit on an exercise machine.
  2. Spread your legs wide, so the greatest tension will go to the inner thighs, which will increase blood flow quickly.
  3. Apply pressure while exhaling.
  4. As you inhale, return to the starting position.
power technique for potency

Second - heavy squats:

  1. Stand tall with your feet wider than shoulder-width apart (the wider your feet, the better the effect).
  2. Take 2 dumbbells, kettlebells or other weights in your hands.
  3. Squat with your legs apart so that your back stays perfectly straight. Otherwise, the risk of injury to the spine increases.
  4. Do 10 pressures, short ones.
  5. Squat with your feet together.
  6. Repeat the manipulation.
squat with weights for potency

Third - uniting the body parts:

  1. Sit on the machine with your feet together.
  2. Spread your limbs.
  3. Bring them together again, but not all the way (leave a gap between your knees of at least 5-7 cm).
put your feet together on the potential machine

Fourth – pull-ups on the horizontal bar:

  1. Place your palms around the bar.
  2. Tighten all the muscles in your lower body.
  3. Bend or half-bend your knees.
  4. Hold for 1-2 seconds.
  5. Straighten your limbs forward.
  6. Hold the position for 3-4 seconds.
  7. Receive IP.
Pull up for potency

Do strength training 8-15 times.

Cardio exercises

Such exercises aim to strengthen the walls of blood vessels, normalize the functioning of the cardiovascular system, thereby improving overall blood circulation and, in particular, blood flow to the pelvic organs, which are responsible for the degree of erection.

Pay attention to the main requirement - you must not tire the body, otherwise the stress hormone cortisol will begin to be produced, which is the direct enemy of potential.

The training complex consists of the following exercises:

  1. Do a standard warm-up.
  2. Do strength training for 20-35 minutes.
  3. Do cardio for 20-30 minutes.

Cardio training rules:

  • go jogging - if you do it in the morning, the number of platelets increases, so blood viscosity increases, if in the evening, then platelets and viscosity decrease (it is better to run in the morning);
  • the best choice of cardio equipment for potency is a stepper, and it is important to turn your socks slightly outwards when doing exercise;
  • optimal exercise is walking for 15-25 minutes three times a day, jumping rope for 10 minutes;
  • additional training - cycling, swimming in the pool, rowing for 30 minutes 3-4 times a week.

Erectile training

The best option to increase potency is to train the male sexual organs directly. For this purpose, special techniques have been developed that improve local blood circulation, stretch blood vessels, and also increase the length and diameter of the penis.

The most effective exercises:

  • Jelqing.Warm the penis with warm hands (water, massage), lubricate with lubricant and bring it to a maximum erection of 70%. Hold the organ at the base with your index finger and thumb like a closed ring.
    Stretch your fingers from the base to the tip of the head slowly (this will take 3-4 seconds). Change hands. The number of approaches with each limb is up to 10-15 times.
  • jelqing for potency
  • Interesting technique.There are many ways, but the following actions are considered basic exercises: wrap your hands around the penis at the base of the head, stretch forward, turn first to the left, then to the right, up, down. The duration of one approach is 30-35 seconds.
  • interesting technique
  • Penis tension.In the morning, before going to the toilet or when the organ is erect (70-80%), tense the groin muscles, then try to raise the penis higher, and then relax.
    Start training with 5 lifts, but when you can do this more than 30-40 times, start fixing the organs in the raised position for 2-10 seconds.
  • Suspension.Bring your penis to an erect position. Hang a terry towel over it, hold it for 2-3 seconds at first, but gradually increase the time.

Yoga for male potential

Yoga techniques have long been used to increase male potential. It includes both physical activity and breathing techniques. Yoga is based on static tension, that is, the fixation of organs in one position, in which the blood supply to the genitourinary system becomes stronger.

The easiest yoga exercises for beginners:

  • Bowing pose.Lie on your stomach with your hands above your head and your feet on the floor. Raise your legs and grasp them with your hands from behind. Hold for 3 seconds, return to IP.
  • bow pose for potency
  • Cobra pose.Lie on your back, place your palms on the floor, lift your body up, arch your back as much as possible and push your head back. Straighten your elbows. Hold the position for 3 seconds.
  • cobra pose for potency
  • plow pose.Take a lying position on your back, arms along your body. Slowly lift your leg up, lower it on the opposite side, that is, behind your head. Hold for 5 seconds.
    If it is difficult to do the exercise at first, support the lumbar area with your hands.
  • plow pose for potency
  • Boat pose.Regular training from school. Lying on your stomach, at the same time slightly lift all your limbs, stretching them - arms forward, legs back. Hold for 10 seconds. Light shaking is acceptable.
boat pose for potency

Pay attention to your sensations - you should feel tension in the muscular system. If this does not happen, then the yoga practice is not done correctly.

Training according to Bubnovsky

Sergey Bubnovsky is a doctor who specializes in physical therapy. To increase potency, he recommends the following basic exercises:

  1. Buy rubber shock absorbers. Fix on any object (doorknob, table/large cabinet legs, etc. ). Sit on the floor so that the object is approximately at the level of the perineum.
  2. Lie on your back and put your feet in a special loop. Start moving them and moving them.
  3. Turn to your left side, remove the loop from your left leg. Fix the other side of the expander on the door handle, lift your right leg firmly up, and bring it back down.
  4. Do the same with the rest of the body.

Do exercises with smooth movements.

Qigong for male strength

The technique came to us from the East, it is based on breathing exercises. This complex consists of 2 main exercises to eliminate erectile dysfunction:


  1. Lie on your back, cross your legs and stretch your arms along your body.
  2. Take a deep breath, then lift your back and buttocks up. In this case, the back of the head and shoulders should remain on the floor.
  3. Lift one leg and place the other heel on the floor.
  4. Hold for 3-5 seconds, return to the starting position (as you exhale).
  5. Switch legs.
qigong for male power

No. 2:

  1. Lie on your back, straighten your arms and legs.
  2. Bend one limb at the knee joint and place your foot on the floor. The second lies flat.
  3. Lift your straight leg with a smooth inhalation. Hold the position for 4 seconds. Take it down.
  4. Repeat the movement with the other leg.

If it is difficult to lift immediately, use a towel to help you lift the limb.

qigong techniques for potency

Breathing exercises for potency

Not only oriental medicine is famous for breathing exercises. Our experts suggest doing the following exercises every day to increase potency:

  • Metronome.Starting position - lie on your back with knees bent and legs wide apart, resting on the floor. Take a deep breath and simultaneously turn one knee inward. Try to move it as close to the floor as possible. Exhale and return to IP.
    Repeat with other limbs. The number of approaches is 10 times.
  • metronome for potency
  • Spring.Sit on a hard chair, straighten your back, and place your arms straight out in front of you with elbows bent. Take a sharp, strong breath and immediately tense the muscles of your anus, buttocks, and palms. Relax while exhaling slowly.
    The number of approaches is 24 times. Each approach consists of 4 inhalations and exhalations and a pause in a relaxed state (also 4 seconds).
  • potential spring
  • Lift the pelvis.Lie on your back, bend your knees. As you inhale, lift your lower body up, resting on your feet. At this time, squeeze the muscles of the pelvic area. Lower yourself as you exhale. Repeat the tension 8 times, pause for 3 seconds.
lift the pelvis for potency

The mandatory rule is that underwear should be very loose, but it is better to do breathing exercises naked.

Squats according to Strelnikova

This exercise is used by men who have long distanced themselves from intimacy. Squats, developed by doctor Strelnikova, aim to train the muscles of the genitourinary system and activate the function of the prostate gland.

Features of squats:

  1. After taking a straight position, place your hands along your body.
  2. Place your feet so that the distance between them is 2-3 cm narrower than your shoulders.
  3. Inhale and immediately squat so that the weight falls on the toes. At the same time, extend your knees slightly to the side.
  4. Exhale and rise sharply, shifting your weight to your heels.
  5. For the second and subsequent squats, tighten your leg and back muscles.

Repeat the exercise up to 12 approaches. Between them, take 3 breaks of 3-4 seconds.

squatting according to Strelnikova

Charging for those over 50 years of age

It is important for men who have reached the age of 50 to engage in physical activity to increase potency. The optimal type of exercise for this age category:

  • cardio class;
  • Kegel exercises;
  • yoga;
  • breathing exercises;
  • simple exercise without weight.

Be sure to take into account the condition of the cardiovascular system. If necessary, consult your doctor.


There are minimal contraindications for exercise to eliminate erectile dysfunction:

  • severe heart and vascular disease;
  • joint problems;
  • varicocele;
  • acute inflammatory process in the pelvic organs.

If you decide to do exercises for potency at home, be sure to study all exercise options, take into account contraindications and, most importantly, the rules for doing each exercise. Remember that the therapeutic approach must be very comprehensive - this is the only way to achieve the most positive results.

Expert opinion

I have always played sports (not professionally), but gave up about 3 years ago. And then they just discovered prostatitis. Consequences: pain when urinating, weakened erection. I consulted a urologist I know, and he said that in the early stages I had enough to do special exercises.

I exercise every day, using different complexes. As a result, after a week I determined the most comfortable for myself. I noticed the first improvement after a month and a half, but it was really strong. After 2 months of training, I got rid of urological problems and even the doctor said that prostatitis has decreased. But I did not stop exercising - it is useful for prevention.