Methods to treat impotence with folk remedies at home

Impotence can surprise any man, regardless of his age. At the age of 80, you will not pay much attention to this, but what to do if you lose strength in bed at the age of 30? In pharmacies and on the Internet you can find many drugs for the recovery of one-time "friends", which only provide temporary security.

A young man notices signs of impotence


As a famous TV presenter said:"Impotence is a great opportunity to focus on your career. ". But what should those who are unhappy with their poor health do? Pay attention to the most effective folk remedies, which were developed by our ancestors and still work perfectly at home.

Before eliminating the consequences of sexual impotence in a man, it is worth understanding what impotence is in general. Previously, only the lack of a complete reaction of the sexual organs to stimuli was called a disease, but now this concept has developed significantly, and its symptoms include:

  1. Weakening lust;
  2. Low testosterone levels;
  3. Dim erection;
  4. Inability to complete sexual intercourse due to penile flexibility;
  5. Loss of morning erection;
  6. Complete absence of sexual function.

The last sign is considered the most serious for men of all ages.If the warning signs are not observed in time, then treating the dysfunction will be more difficult and require more time and effort. Traditional methods of treating impotence can stop the decrease in sexual desire for the opposite sex, increase elasticity at the time of arousal and help increase the level of testosterone in the blood.


Traditional medical methods use the power of nature to cure a man of his "weaknesses": herbal decoctions, animal extracts and acupressure. Such a lotion can put a tired "friend" back on his feet. However, we must not forget that it is necessary to adapt impotence treatment based on the cause of the disease:

  1. Severe and prolonged stress;
  2. Low testosterone levels;
  3. Age-related changes cause impotence;
  4. Wrong daily routine;
  5. Abuse of alcohol, cigarettes and drugs;
  6. Obesity and an inactive lifestyle;
  7. Venereal disease;
  8. Infectious diseases and long-term rotavirus;
  9. Previous injuries to the spine and hip bones;
  10. Frequent changes of partners or long periods of abstinence.

Do not forget that if the ability to "excite" is completely lost, the restoration of strength should be carried out by the attending physician.If you are at the stage of partial loss of erection, then you can try alternative medicine by choosing a suitable folk recipe for impotence treatment.

The power of the herb can stop the decrease in sexual desire for the opposite sex

Treatment options

Erectile dysfunction is not uncommon today among men of all ages. Young people who sit in front of the computer for hours can fail in bed. That is why there are many methods to treat impotence.

Among the various options offered for men, the following are distinguished:

  • Environmental change and psychological relief;
  • Healthy lifestyle;
  • Drug treatment;
  • Use of traditional medicine;
  • Massage in the genital area.

Do not forget that, in addition to congenital pathology, all stages of the disease can be treated. However, you should not rely on a one-time use of the "magic pill", because in most cases it only provides temporary relief and does not cure impotence.

There are many methods of treatment, and the first among all popular advice for men of any age is to change their lifestyle. This method will not only affect your ability to satisfy a woman, but will also give you strength for daily victories at work, prolong your youth and give you self-confidence. Any age group of the stronger sex will benefit from:

  1. Reduce the amount of fatty foods, while protecting yourself from atherosclerosis and obesity;
  2. Don't snack on fast food, avoid processed foods and high-calorie desserts;
  3. Monitor cholesterol levels: high levels lead to clogged arteries and restrict blood flow to the genitals;
  4. Add physical activity: even 15 minutes of walking in the fresh air will have a significant effect on the general condition of the body;
  5. Diversify your diet by including fruits and nuts, and also monitor your diet;
  6. Add vitamin complexes or natural gifts in the form of vegetables and fruits;
  7. Make sure you have enough vitamin A, which normalizes metabolism and is responsible for male strength;
  8. Normalizes the function of the gastrointestinal tract;
  9. Reduce the amount of caffeine every day: it is a stress stimulant, which is detrimental to winning in bed;
  10. Quit smoking or reduce the number of cigarettes to a minimum: nicotine narrows the blood vessels and reduces the chance of the penis functioning properly.

Using this method to treat impotence is easy and pleasant for all men of any age. The bonus will be an improvement in appearance: skin color, shiny hair and a slim figure, because all parameters will be positively affected by the vitamins and microelements added to the diet. If the changes do not have the desired effect, you can use unconventional methods to treat impotence.

Enriching your diet with vegetables will increase your potency, which will surely please your other half.


Modern medicine does not deny the benefits of acupressure to restore or increase potency in men of all ages. It will be very effective in combination with changes in lifestyle or vacation, as well as taking medications, but prescribed by the attending physician for the complex level of impotence.

Even age-related erectile dysfunction can be treated using such techniques. In addition, there are two types of procedures:

  • Massage that helps improve blood circulation in the pelvic organs;
  • The effect is targeted at biologically active points in the pelvic area, responsible for male strength.

The first option is circular rotation in the lumbar region. The eye method requires several skills:

  • Find the active point in your hand. Place your palm down and the thumb with the index finger of the other hand on the wrist bone, move your fingers towards the elbow by 15 mm. And also repeat on the second hand;
  • There is a point on the foot on the inner side of the heel that needs to be massaged;
  • When starting a prostate massage, looking for active points in the groin and lower abdomen, it is worth consulting a specialist. It is best if the doctor shows you how to do the exercises correctly to achieve the best results.

This method of combating impotence in alternative medicine is very popular. If you know an acupuncturist, you can turn to their services to speed up the healing process.

People's recovery

As people say: "A strong man is not afraid of debris in bed. "So that this statement also applies to those who are dealing with impotence problems, you can use the healing power of herbs and infusions, as well as some food.

First of all, notice the ginger. This "gift" of nature is a real discovery to maintain the activity of the sexual organs in men, while it helps to improve the function of the immune system and strengthen the walls of blood vessels.


Treatment of impotence with folk remedies has been known since ancient times. Even our ancestors turned to the forces of nature to improve erections. Therefore, it is not surprising that ginger root and various recipes with it are in such demand in the age of computer technology.

Among all folk recipes, the easiest is tea with ginger. To do this, just pour a teaspoon of grated root with two glasses of boiling water and leave the mixture for 40 minutes to brew.

Root juice has unique properties. To do this, grate fresh ginger and squeeze the resulting mass through cheesecloth. The liquid is kept in the refrigerator and dripped into the tea to get the desired effect. Other methods to cure impotence in men of all ages:

  1. Take 1 kg of ginger root and grate it on a coarse grater.
  2. Pour the resulting mixture with 1 liter of vodka.
  3. Leave the mixture for a month and a half in a dark and cool place.
  4. Measure 100 g of the resulting liquid and pour 300 g of alcohol.
  5. Leave for another 2 weeks.
  6. Drink 10 drops before bed.

Such an unconventional tincture, made with your own hands, has a long-lasting effect on the body and has a cumulative effect. After just a few days of use, 90% of men begin to feel a surge of strength and enjoy morning erections.

Tincture in some cases can have a negative effect on potency

Alcohol-based drugs should be taken with caution, after first discussing methods of treating impotence with your doctor. In 10% of cases, the tincture has an anti-effect on male potency.


Other folk remedies to increase male potency include ginseng, or rather, its root. An effective recipe for preparing impotence tincture at home is simple, but the alcohol treatment option is not suitable for everyone:

  1. Cut a piece from the root (2 cm) and put it in a jar.
  2. Pour 3. 5 liters of pure vodka or alcohol diluted to 40 degrees.
  3. The next day you can drink a healthy elixir.

Take this medicine one glass three times a day before meals, and the effect on potency will be felt after a week of treatment.


In order not to get used to the alcohol tincture on the roots of the plant, you can try the power of walnuts yourself. This product is rich in vitamins and can have a positive effect on male potency, delaying or curing sexual impotence.

Walnuts with honey - a simple and tasty dish that helps to overcome impotence

It is enough to eat 15 seeds a day. to achieve the desired result or use one of the following recipes for impotence using nuts:

  1. Mix 12 walnuts with dried fruits, 200 g each. (prunes, raisins, figs). Mix all the elements with a mixer and pour kefir. Drink 2 tablespoons. l. before bed.
  2. Eat a glass of walnuts in the morning, washed down with a glass of fresh goat's milk.
  3. Grind nuts in a blender and pour honey in equal proportions. There are 3 tbsp. l. three times a day for a month.

Interesting method

Modern youth joke that a man is an input-output device. If this is no longer about you, it's time to take care of your health. In the old days, there was no medicine for the treatment of erectile dysfunction, while all the heads of the family were able to perform in bed until old age.

Such results are the result of proper nutrition and the use of traditional medicine for impotence.

Among the effective folk ways to restore men's strength and erection in the morning, to completely cure impotence at any age, the following are distinguished:

  1. Mint-colored, St. wort. John's wort, clover and nettle. Mix in 1 tablespoon of chopped dried herbs. l. in a thermos, dilute it with a liter of boiling water. You need to drink a glass three times a day;
  2. Add celery, cilantro, dill and parsley to your diet. This green has a positive effect on blood flow to the sexual organs;
  3. Buy dried rosehip root and crushed fruit. Pour 10 grams of boiling water into a glass. Drink 2 tablespoons. l. three times a day;
  4. Go to a real steam bath, and then sleep. This will heal the body and give strength;
  5. Some men report positive effects from a night's sleep in a water bath at a temperature of 36. 5 ° C;
  6. Prepare, as in a fairy tale, two large barrels of hot and cold water. And jump from one to another every 1. 5 minutes.

All means are good in the fight for your strength in bed and safety from impotence. Do not forget that you can always ask your other half to diversify your sex life by adding game elements or installing a mirror: for 80% of the stronger sex, at the first mistake, this method is enough to trust themselves again.

If none of the methods to treat impotence at home have helped, it's time to see a doctor for qualified help. And remember, the sooner you start healing at any age, the more effective it will be.