Increase potency in men after 40 and what improvement methods exist

A man at any age wants to be strong, including in the sexual sphere. Weak libido, weak erection, fast or, on the contrary, slow ejaculation are good reasons for disappointment, but the older a man is, the more likely such incidents are to occur. Moreover, after the age of 40, the risk of impotence and infertility increases. What are the causes of impotence in men over 40 years old? What can increase potency in adult men? Let's find out. . .

A 40-year-old man can get rid of sexual dysfunction by increasing potency

Sexual health after forty

It is incorrect to say that after 45 years all men will begin to experience difficulties with potency. At this age, representatives of the stronger sex will not necessarily get sick, but they are prone to a decrease in libido and the onset of a weak erection. why? There are several reasons:

  1. Hormonal imbalance, which can cause impotence in men in their 40s. This is especially true for the level of the most masculine hormone - testosterone. A natural decline in hormones occurs at the age of 30, but the decline occurs gradually (1. 5-2% per year). The decline at first had almost no symptoms, so the man did not think about how to increase the potency. If the deadline for starting treatment and stopping the process is missed, then at the age of 40 the level becomes very low and signs of disturbance will appear.
  2. Diseases of the cardiovascular system. With age, the strength of the walls of blood vessels decreases and they lose the necessary elasticity. First, the small vessels responsible for supplying blood to the male genitalia are affected. This causes a decrease in potency. The worst thing is when the work of the main human muscle - the heart - is disturbed or the vessels that supply blood to the brain suffer. Failure can lead to sexual problems and trigger coronary artery disease, stroke, and heart attack.
  3. Advanced complicated diseases of the genitourinary system. Most men are embarrassed to complain to a doctor about symptoms of sexual dysfunction; treatment is initiated only in extreme situations. Despite knowing that male potency is not very good, men can tolerate it or self-medicate. As a result, a mild disease becomes more complicated and progresses to an advanced stage with painful symptoms (for example, potency in men is severely affected, he can no longer have sexual intercourse).
After 40 years, men begin to experience a decrease in libido, which affects their intimate life.

We have shown three main reasons why men over 40 may have problems with potency. There are other factors that can trigger the symptoms of impotence in men:

  • Addiction to alcoholic beverages.
  • Continuous smoking for more than 10 years in men.
  • Physical inactivity, sedentary lifestyle.
  • Eating unhealthy food, weight gain suddenly (obesity).
  • Long-term treatment with strong drugs (antibiotics, psychotropic drugs, hormonal drugs).
  • Irregular sex life (too frequent contact or complete abstinence from sex).

Under the influence of these factors, various disorders occur, including potential violations after 40 years. Problems do not appear overnight; it develops gradually. The first symptoms appear at the age of 30-35 years. But these symptoms are mild, do not interfere with sexual activity, and men do not start treatment. Result: at the age of 40, a man pays for his carelessness with many complications, including complete impotence.

Eliminates sexual dysfunction

Treatment of problems with potency at the age of 40-45 years consists of two parts - eliminating the cause of dysfunction and improving sexual function. Medical treatment is carried out only with the participation of a doctor - a urologist, andrologist or a specialist, if the decrease in potency is affected by a disease of the non-genitourinary system (for example, an increase or decrease in hormone levels is treated by an endocrinologist).

First, the patient needs to come to the clinic, undergo an examination, and take a test. Without this procedure, promotion cannot be achieved - you need to know the correct diagnosis. Once the diagnosis is established, the attending physician will draw up a treatment program, select drugs (or prescribe surgery if drug therapy is ineffective). Eliminating the cause of sexual dysfunction requires patience - treatment usually lasts 5-14 weeks. Only after the completion of the treatment will the natural potency begin to be restored, but at the same time, a 40-year-old man can use libido and erection stimulants.

To treat the potential, you need to undergo a series of tests to determine the cause of the pathology.

Immediate results from stimulants

There are two ways to stimulate male potency:

  • You can find out how to increase potency in men in a natural way - this is only allowed for mild deviations.
  • You can buy pills that can stimulate a man or men instantly and increase the strength of an erection.

For mild dysfunction, you can try this folk method that increases potency: take ginger root, thyme, honey and rose hip. The ingredients are poured with boiling water and left to brew for 4-5 hours. The resulting tincture should be taken one spoon after each meal. Other natural remedies that help improve weak potency are propolis, ginseng root, thyme, galangal, and rennet.

To quickly increase a very weak potency in less than an hour, you need to use a special stimulant. But please note: artificial medicine is suitable for men over 40 years old only if problems with potency are not associated with diseases of the cardiovascular system - in this case, taking potency pills is prohibited! In the case of acute hormone deficiency, stimulants can be taken, but they will be powerless - only hormonal drugs can eliminate the signs of impotence. For other causes of erectile dysfunction, stimulant medications can be tried.

The fastest increase in sexual strength in men after 40 years is due to:

  • A pill that stimulates blood flow to the male genitalia. As a result of its action, sexual desire increases and erections become stronger. The drug takes effect after 30 minutes and only if natural stimulation occurs (it does not form it, but increases it). This medicine has many prohibitions to take, so you need to take the tablets carefully, only according to the instructions.
  • A product that works faster than before. An increase in the level of erection can be seen within ten minutes after taking it. The effect lasts 30-36 hours. Has fewer contraindications than other stimulants. You can drink alcoholic beverages (this will not reduce the effectiveness of the stimulant).
  • Similar drugs in action. The difference is that it begins to act a little faster - 20 minutes after administration. The effect begins to diminish after 10 hours.
  • Products recommended for men over 40 years old. Increased potency occurs due to PDE-5 inhibitors. Start working 1-2 hours after taking the tablet.
  • The drug is based on antibodies to endothelial NO synthase, which differs from the previous drug in that it does not have an immediate result, but is characterized by a cumulative effect. You need to take it for a few days to feel any improvement. It is considered the safest method to stimulate potency, but the effect will still be weaker than the previous drugs.

So, we answer the question why potency decreases in men after 40 years, how to get rid of sexual problems. We hope this information will help readers avoid this difficulty or find a better way to solve the problem. Remember: every drug increases the potential for contraindications and side effects, so you definitely need to get to know them before treatment. Take care of yourself and be healthy!