How to restore male potential

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The potential in men is the ability to have sexual intercourse and reach orgasm, to perform full reproductive functions. Often, satisfaction with intimate life and harmonious relationships in couples, self -confidence and well -being in general depend on physiological phenomena such as erections.

Erectile dysfunction

Weak potential is a common problem not only in elderly patients.

The following factors have a detrimental effect on sex life:

  1. bad habits;
  2. sedentary lifestyle;
  3. hormonal imbalances caused by age -related changes, endocrine and other diseases;
  4. self -doubt, psychological complexes, intense anxiety;
  5. inflammatory disease of the pelvic organs.

How to increase potential

Increasing potency in men is done by folk methods or medicines, the latter of which is recommended for use only after consulting a doctor.

Treatment is needed if a man is frequently unable to have sexual intercourse.

Single erectile dysfunction can cause severe stress, fatigue, or alcohol abuse. This condition does not require therapy and in most cases goes away on its own.

Below are the main methods you can restore an erection.

Medicines to improve sexual function

Drugs to increase potency differ in their diversity.

They can be divided into two main groups:

  1. biologically active additives,
  2. synthetic components.

Biologists are distinguished by their plant composition, which includes extracts and essential oils. Such components activate blood circulation, resulting in increased sexual activity. Many of these additives have anti-inflammatory effects, which are important for various urological diseases.

Synthetic agents are known as artificially formulated stimulants that act on blood vessels and blood flow in the body, resulting in an erection only occurring when there is sexual stimulation. The advantage of such drugs is high efficacy and clinically proven, the disadvantages are the presence of side effects and a large list of contraindications.

In addition, hormone pills are released that restore normal levels of testosterone in the blood (this hormone is responsible for sexual intercourse).

The funds are used for endocrine diseases, including diabetes mellitus, prescribed after the study of the biochemical composition of blood in laboratory studies.

Uncontrolled free intake of these drugs is not allowed.

If impotence is expressed by increased anxiety, excitement and psychological complexes, therapy is supplemented with antidepressants and sedatives that help restore the psycho-emotional background.

Low libido caused by inflammation requires antibiotics and pain pills.

How to take medicine

Most medications for potency are allowed to be taken only once a day, capsules should be taken with water. The dose is determined individually, depending on the characteristics of the body, the degree of erectile dysfunction and the recommendation of the doctor.

Tablets are not combined with alcoholic beverages, in this case there will be a high load on the cardiovascular system and liver, which will lead to side effects and decreased effectiveness.

Medications also have contraindications, including the following:

  1. Hypersensitivity to the composition of drugs, tendency to allergic reactions.
  2. Young age (drugs can affect the unformed adolescent reproductive system).
  3. Cardiovascular disease (stroke, heart attack, heart disease). In many cases, prior consultation with a cardiologist is required.
  4. Severe liver and kidney disease (e. g. , renal and hepatic failure).
  5. Congenital malformations of the penis, acquired trauma.
  6. Diseases of the circulatory system.
  7. Malignant neoplasms in the body.

Medications to increase potency are taken in strictly prescribed courses to avoid addiction to the active ingredient. Before use, read the instructions, in particular, the paragraph on the compatibility of the tablet with other drugs.

Restoration of the people

It is safer to practice folk recipes if you are not allergic to the ingredients. Extensive mixture of walnuts and honey, which are in equal proportions. Taking 2-3 teaspoons of the drug a day instead of dessert can help you achieve significant results in a matter of weeks.

strong men with increased potential

Pumpkin seeds are great for sexual activity because of their high zinc content. This product can be used in pure form, or you can add it to salads and cereals.

Colored ginseng root is a product that not only restores the ability to have sex, but also increases libido, namely the desire to have sex, has a beneficial effect on endurance, energy and performance of patients, strengthens the immune system, inhibits inflammatory processes. Take 10-12 drops daily (it can be dissolved in water or tea).

Bananas with kefir is another recipe that not only has a good effect on reproductive abilities, but is also an excellent healthy snack. One banana should be added to a glass of kefir and chopped in a blender. Experts advise drinking this mixture an hour before intimacy.

Recipes to increase potency in men using folk methods can be used as an independent treatment or combined with medications. The latter approach is considered more efficient. Before using herbal decoctions and tinctures, be sure to consult a urologist or andrologist, otherwise, instead of therapeutic effects, you will get side effects.


Proper daily nutrition is the key to excellent immunity and libido. Foods rich in zinc (mussels, oysters, shrimp, squid and other seafood) have a positive effect on male potency. They are an excellent source of light protein and are considered natural aphrodisiacs.

Shrimp pasta, oysters with lemon juice, clam salad are the perfect solution for a romantic dinner that should turn into an exciting night.

Animal protein is part of a man’s diet. However, you should refrain from fried red meat, sausages and sausages if you want to show a lasting erection in front of your girlfriend. Such dishes are harmful to the cardiovascular system, moreover, they contain carcinogens that cause cancer.

For full potential, ensure adequate intake of vitamins and minerals with fruits, vegetables, nuts, or multivitamins as prescribed by your doctor.

Gymnastics and massage

In the early stages of the disease, it is often sufficient to restore blood circulation in the intimate organs. To do this, do regular gymnastics and massage the penis for 10-20 minutes.

Get in a comfortable position and apply enough lubricant to clean hands and genitals to glide and avoid injury. Use your index finger and thumb, closed in a ring, to reply. The sliding should be strong, with pressure on the organs, while you should not immediately bring yourself to orgasm.

During gymnastics, do not let the painful sensation, if it appears, reduce the intensity. This technique must be done every day for a month, it is advisable to combine it with other techniques.

Some recommendations that can be followed without the help of a doctor

Here are tips to increase your potential to help you regain masculine strength:

  1. Limit alcohol and cigarettes. Bad habits lead to circulatory disorders, which means that impotence will start at an early age.
  2. Get used to doing daily physical activities that will increase testosterone concentrations and train endurance.
  3. A proper and varied diet is the best thing to do for men’s health.
  4. Treat inflammatory diseases and sexually transmitted infections in a timely manner. Many of them, in the absence of therapy, become chronic and lead to dangerous complications, including impotence.
  5. At the first symptom of sexual dysfunction, see your doctor. The specialist will conduct an examination and refer you to an extensive diagnosis, with his help he will choose the medication and its dosage correctly.
  6. Observe the cleanliness of your intimate life. Avoid casual sexual intercourse, if this is not possible, use barrier contraception.
  7. Watch your emotional state. Normalize the mode of work and rest, find its optimal ratio, avoid stressful situations and excessive nervous tension. If necessary, sign up for a psychotherapy course that will help you gain self -confidence and make your relationship with the opposite sex more harmonious.

Therefore, improving erectile function is a complex of measures that include not only taking medications, but also changing lifestyles in general.